Colorful Ways to Use pastel in your Modern Interiors

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Imagine if we lived in a world with no colors – what would it look like? How would it feel like? Would we even care to invent a color? Remember the colored TV, the only thing we saw was black and white everywhere. It always leaves me thinking that the 1900’s were actually like that.

But we’ve got a lot of colors to embrace in today’s world. Not that they were not there, but technology enables us to create even more. One of the colors we have seen evolving are the pastels. From that baby blue and baby pink that we used to know to using them in our interiors. They are those we often see as soothing, washed out and soft.

They have made their way into our homes creating a colorful ambiance. We love the way we have many options to choose from. That’s the magic of these neutral and vibrant colors. What’s even better is that you can use them in any room without them failing you. But what many do not know is that pastels are more than the light pink and blue. They can be red, orange, purple, green or even yellow.

So, how can you use pastel in your modern interiors?

1. Restore your Childish Bedroom Memories

Remember that pastels are not only for kids, they are now seen as grown up. So, getting soft pink colors for your bedroom will make the room look even modernish.

2. Make a Great Comeback for Your Kitchen with Pastels.

Some of us can agree that most kitchens are dull and boring. Others end by saying that kitchen colors should be left the way they are. Who is even coming there? Well, forget that. It is a time to turn your tired cooking area to modern with pastels. You can use a pale-blue and white for the cabinets or countertops.

3. What about Muted for Your Living Room?

You spend most of your time in the sitting room. It should be relaxing, cool, and welcoming. For it to be so, try using a mixture of colors. It can be pink fabric sofa with a white rug, pink throw pillows with blue furniture sofa set or purple with pink.

4. Pastels are not Just About one Color Type

If ever there were a person who invented colors, he/she must have done a hard work. Imagine mixing different combinations and not sure what they will turn into and then naming them blue, velvet, brown, orange, etc.
The secret of pastels is to play with them. See what looks good in your eyes and use it.

5. Use it for Your Walls

Don’t go around making all the furniture in the room neutral, and you forget the most important part. Pastels work well with other complimentary colors. The walls too can be ‘washed out’.

6. Last but not least, Don’t Forget the Floors

Your interiors are more than just furniture, walls, and colors. Choose the right timber finish that will compliment your pastels.

There are so many colorful ways you can use pastel in the modern interiors. It is for you to fool around with them and find which one is perfect for your rooms. Remember also that baby blue is now a manly color.

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