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Leather is timeless regardless of what it is made into. As a result, a lot of contemporary designs incorporate leather sofa set as one of its highlights. The sleekness, the malleability and the simplicity of leather perfectly blends with the minimalistic approach of modern designs. Due to the importance of leather in both classical and contemporary design,Furny offers a wide variety of leather furniture that fit perfectly with your contemplated dream home.

At Furny we aim to provide dazzling, high quality modern leather sofa that provide both comfort and elegance. Leather has many advantages that make it an ideal upholstery material. Here are some reasons why we enjoy recommending leather sofas to all our customers:

  • Leather is hypo-allergic: Leather is perhaps the most hypo-allergic upholstery fabric because It‘s glossy exterior does not promote the accumulation of dirt, mites, pet hair or pollen. As a result, this might be the ideal choice if you are allergic to certain types of dust accumulation.
  • Leather adds elegance to the room: However simply it is designed, leather has the uncanny ability to bring a new level of sophistication and elegance to room. Even with the passage of time, the demand for leather never seem to fade away.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: There is very little cleaning process involved with leather furniture because its surface is smooth and waxy. An occasional wipe- down with a soft moist fabric should definitely remove most of dirt and dust. This is a very good option if you have kids or pets in your home.
  • Resistant to wear and tear: Leather is very supple and tensile as a rule. As a result this can withstand most wear and tears. This makes it highly advantageous to have around kids and pets.
  • Comfortable: Leather sofa is very soft and comfortable to sit on. Of course, it does have a certain stickiness to it when we sweat during summer. However this can be mitigated by choosing a complimentary throw or other easily washable fabric that can be laid over the leather seats.

All in all, due to its many advantages, leather is a good upholstery material. Of course, it does seem to be pricey when we consider the cost. However, if we tally the long term expenses, you would find that it is always worthwhile to invest in a good leather sofa, even if it involves shelling out more initial input. You can be assured that it is worth every penny spent.

At Furny, we have leather couches of all shapes and color. Our many colors include the classic black and brown in addition to the more contemporary white, blue and grey. We invest only in high quality Italian leather. As a result most of our sofas meet the highest of standards and are quite durable. Purchasing from us is sure to guarantee satisfaction and comfort. We believe in all of our products and each of them have been designed with convenience and coziness in mind. Think leather, Think Furny!

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