Interested to Buy Sofa Online? Here Are Some Factors to Consider While Selecting Sofa Sets


Sofa hunting can really be a drag especially when you have to walk store after store looking at all your options before making up your mind. In this digital age, when everything is available online, it is so much easier to just purchase a sofa set online. Although purchasing online does come with its perks, it has its downfalls as well. It is easy to be scammed when you buy sofa online. As a result, there are some factors that need to be considered before buying a sofa set online.

  • Consider the basic features: When you shop online, you have many options to choose from. Always read product description before making the final purchase. Product descriptions tell you the kind of fabric used, the dimensions of the couch and any special features included. This gives you a better understanding of the product helps you to decide it is the right fit for your home. At Furny, we have over 1000 combinations of fabrics and frames. This increases your choice of selection.
  • Check reviews: It is always better to check the reviews of the company you are purchasing from before committing to buy. Reviews help you to pick a quality sofa for an affordable price. Remember, quality always trumps price. At Furny, we ensure that our customers get quality products at an affordable price. This is evident in all of the glowing reviews we receive from all of our customers.
  • Check for warranty and maintenance: Warranties and maintenance policies are very important things to consider before purchasing a furniture. Always check the warranties and maintenance offers on the furniture before finalizing your choice. Warranties generally range from between 1-3 years. At Furny, all of our furniture come with one year warranty on the frame. Additionally, we also allow free returns on all damaged and defective goods. Apart from maintenance and repair, we also have professionals who can help you to choose the right furniture that suits your taste and your decor so that you get it right the first time round.
  • Consider installation and delivery options: The final thing to consider is the cost of delivery and installation. Most of us try to cut the shipping and installation charges by trying to do it ourselves. However, some sofas can be tricky to maneuver and equally difficult to install. Make your decision based on the kind of sofa set you purchase. If the fixing installation looks complicated, it is always advisable to seek professional help rather than doing yourself and getting it wrong. At Furny, we offer free home delivery and installation for all of our products.
  • Request more photo views: You must always keep in mind that because of the lighting, the color shown online may not be an accurate representation. There may be a slight color difference due to the lighting we use while shooting the products in our studio. But no worries, if you still have any issues with the color we will provide you the swatches which will help you form a better understanding and worth of the product. If you are still doubtful of the swatch color we sent you, we have multiples swatch options for you to choose. You can even request at Furny for pictures of the item from different angles.

Once you have all the above factors cross-checked, then the actual decision making process becomes much simpler. Like any other purchase online, sofa shopping is lots of fun. You get to browse through catalogs without actually having leave your room. Looking to invest in a good sofa? Browse through the many catalogues online at till you find the perfect one.

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